Jeep Cherokee Push button Start not Working (Solution) of 2024

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The modern convenience of a push-button start in vehicles like the Jeep Cherokee offers an effortless way to start your car.

The Jeep Cherokee Push button Start not Working, However, encountering issues with this feature can be frustrating.

Let’s explore the possible causes behind a non-functional push-button start and how to troubleshoot these problems effectively.

Jeep Cherokee Push button Start not Working

Introduction to Jeep Cherokee Push Button Start

The push-button start is a convenient feature that allows drivers to start their vehicles with a simple press of a button, eliminating the need for traditional keys.

In a Jeep Cherokee, this system integrates with the keyless entry system, providing ease of access and operation.

Common Causes for Push Button Start Failure

Here are the Common Causes for Push Button Start Failure:

Low Key Fob Battery:

One of the primary reasons for a malfunctioning push-button start is a depleted key fob battery.

The key fob emits signals to the vehicle, and a weak battery can hinder this communication.

Faulty Brake Pedal Sensor:

The push-button start often requires the brake pedal to be engaged for activation.

A defective brake pedal sensor may prevent the system from recognizing the pedal’s status, leading to startup issues.

Issues with the Keyless Ignition System:

Problems within the keyless ignition system, such as damaged wiring or a malfunctioning control module, can disrupt the push-button start functionality.

Electrical Problems:

Various electrical issues within the vehicle, including fuse failures or wiring defects, can interfere with the push-button start’s operation.

Troubleshooting Steps

Here are the Troubleshooting Steps:

Checking the Key Fob Battery:

Begin by replacing the key fob battery with a fresh one. Ensure the new battery is properly installed and reattempt starting the vehicle.

Verifying the Brake Pedal Sensor:

Inspect the brake pedal sensor for any signs of damage or misalignment. Consider adjusting or replacing the sensor if necessary.

Examining the Keyless Ignition System:

Carefully examine the components of the keyless ignition system for any visible damage or loose connections. Rectify any issues found during the inspection.

Addressing Electrical Issues:

If other solutions don’t resolve the problem, inspect the vehicle’s electrical system for any faults. It’s advisable to seek professional assistance for complex electrical diagnostics.

DIY Solutions for Jeep Cherokee Push Button Start

Here are the DIY Solutions for Jeep Cherokee Push Button Start:

Replacing Key Fob Battery:

A straightforward solution involves replacing the key fob battery at home. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper battery replacement.

Adjusting or Replacing the Brake Pedal Sensor:

Depending on the issue, adjusting the sensor’s position or replacing it can restore proper functionality.

Resetting the Keyless Ignition System:

Some problems may be resolved by performing a reset on the keyless ignition system. Refer to the vehicle manual for reset procedures.

Checking and Fixing Electrical Connections:

Inspect and fix any loose or damaged electrical connections that could be affecting the push-button start.

When to Seek Professional Help?

If DIY solutions prove ineffective or if there are underlying electrical complexities, it’s advisable to consult a qualified automotive technician.

They can conduct detailed diagnostics and repair procedures, ensuring a comprehensive resolution to the issue.

People also ask

What would cause a push button start not to work?

A non-functional push-button start can result from various issues:

Key Fob Battery: A depleted or faulty key fob battery can hinder communication between the fob and the vehicle.
Brake Pedal Sensor: A malfunctioning sensor may prevent recognition of the engaged brake pedal required for activation.
Keyless Ignition System Problems: Issues within this system, like wiring damage or control module faults, can disrupt startup.
Electrical Problems: Fuse failures or wiring defects in the vehicle’s electrical system can interfere with the start function.

What to do if keyless start doesn t work?

If your keyless start isn’t working:

Check Key Fob Battery: Replace the battery in the key fob.
Verify Brake Pedal: Ensure the brake pedal is engaged.
Inspect System: Look for visible damage or loose connections in the keyless ignition system.
Address Electrical Issues: Check for any electrical problems in the vehicle’s system. If unsure, seek professional help for diagnostics and repair.

How do I know if my push button starter is bad?

Signs of a faulty push-button starter include:

No Response: Pressing the button elicits no response or starting action.
Intermittent Function: Inconsistent activation, sometimes starting and other times failing to respond.
Warning Lights: Dashboard warning lights indicating a problem with the start system.
Unusual Sounds: indicate Clicking or grinding noises when attempting to start the vehicle.

Why is my Jeep Cherokee struggling to start?

A Jeep Cherokee might struggle to start due to various reasons:

Battery Issues: Weak or old battery causing insufficient power for startup.
Fuel Problems: Low fuel levels or fuel delivery issues.
Ignition System Faults: Faulty spark plugs, ignition coils, or other components.
Starter Motor Problems: Wear and tear affecting the starter motor’s function.
Electrical Issues: Wiring problems or a malfunctioning control module impacting the starting process.

Conclusion – Jeep Cherokee Push button Start not Working

A non-functional push-button start in a Jeep Cherokee can stem from various causes,

including key fob battery depletion, brake pedal sensor issues, problems with the keyless ignition system, or electrical faults.

By following troubleshooting steps and attempting DIY solutions, many of these issues can be resolved. However, seeking professional help may be necessary for complex problems.

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